Super Weird Substance

Super Weird Substance is the multi-media label founded by legendary DJ Greg Wilson, releasing a swathe of balearicpsychedelicdubdisco recordings in 2015 whilst hosting live sixties styled ‘Happenings’ that include talks, art, bands and DJs.

Informed by the past but by no means trapped there, the idea behind Super Weird Substance is to help reclaim the culture and reintroduce some forgotten ideas back into public consciousness with uplifting and accessible music, with a depth seldom seen in the charts today.

The label’s eight singles were all released within a four month span from June to November 2015, Super Weird Substance setting out its stall ahead of album projects in 2016 with Blind Arcade and The Reynolds, as well as a series of Super Weird Happenings, building on the success of a memorable Festival No.6 showcase in Portmeirion last year.

The Super Weird Substance crew will be headlining our Saturday night, having amassed a posse of crack musicians and singers fronted by the manic magic of Kermit Leveridge (Black Grape) and including such luminaries as The Reverend Cleve Freckleton. All of this topped off with a Super Weird DJ set from Greg. And don’t expect the magick to stop there, keep your third eye peeled for campfire cleve-rness into the early hours…

Greg Wilson presents Super Weird Substance