Map 71

Brighton’s Map 71 combine the words of artist Lisa Jayne with the productions of Andy Pyne, bringing together sinister ritual percussion and sparse electro textures with a voice racing between surreal demons and earthy anxiety.

Lisa Jayne is a regular performer on the Brighton poetry scene and the originator of chaos improv unit Ringlock. Andy Pyne records as Ugly Animal and has played drums with Medicine & Duty, West Hill Blast Quartet, Kellar, Shrag, Black Neck Band and many others, as well as performing live with Kid Millions’ Man Forever project.

“Apocalyptic proclamations from some piss-stained midnight car park of the mind” (The Wire)

“Jayne rants like Lydia Lunch run through a vocoder” (Byron Coley)

“Map 71 trudge a hollowed shadow lined path where lurk the ghosts and remnant sonic skins of PIL, Cabaret Voltaire and This Heat” (The Sunday Experience)

Check out the preview for their forthcoming album Sado-Technical-Exercise at

New live performance video from March 2016.