Jimmy Cauty: The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP)

Who doesn’t know Jimmy Cauty, right? (Or as we’re Discordians, maybe that should be left..)

A profound activist using his art work as magic to change consciousness at will. A man driven by the sheer ludicrous nature of the world in which we live and using it against itself to create art through challenge and humour. His earliest work was one of the most popular representations of Lord of the Rings ever (yes, THAT one), but he’s best known for teaming up with Bill Drummond and founding the JAMS and the KLF. Since then, he has produced work in a wide range of mediums and he is bringing his most recent piece to Festival 23.

Housed in a 40 ft shipping container, The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) is a monumental post-riot landscape in miniature. This dystopian model village is set somewhere in Bedfordshire, where only the police and media teams remain in an otherwise deserted, wrecked and dislocated land – all in 1:87 scale and viewed through peepholes in the side of the container. It started life back in 2011 as a “riot in a jam jar” and grew, and grew, first appearing in its current form at Banksy’s Dismaland, and this year touring riot sites across the UK

We are so happy that he doesn’t think it’s too Grim up North to visit the festival for the weekend, we have some very special things planned around it to shock and delight, make you shudder and think, and most of all to inspire you…

Review of the ADP in The Independent