Richard Norris

Where to start with the diverse talents of Richard Norris? So intricately woven into the last 36 years of music – from bands to music journalism, production to DJ-ing, it seems there’s nothing Mr Norris has not expertly added as strings to his bow, or that he can’t pull out of his Wizards Sleeve, so to speak.

His major musical projects include early 90’s electronic act The Grid, his current collaboration with Erol AlkanBeyond the Wizards Sleeve, his new collaboration with Martin Dubka – Circle Sky
and Richard’s previous psychedelic solo project – The Time and Space Machine.

But what does 23 mean to him? Richard told us: “It was around 1987, I was first aware of the 23 enigma by leafing through William Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson books I found in Compendium bookshop in Camden, followed by a more hands on approach when working with Genesis P.Orridge, specifically co producing the ‘Jack The Tab’ album.”

Richard will be delighting our ears and minds and giving us ample chance to jack to his beats at Festival 23. See you on the dance floor…