AOS3 started in 1990, as the free festival scene was staging it’s last stand. They began really as a way of playing the free festivals, and were unexpectedly swept up into a wave of political protest and rebooted psychedelia- which was nice!

The band┬áhave been influenced over the years by sounds from the 60’s and 70’s, Reggae and anarcho-punk and they blended these together to create an up-tempo high energy sound, with an ear for melody.

Perceived as a punk band, in truth the thread of discordianism runs through the very surface of their music and lyrics, with a lot of songs based on Wilsonian ideas, such as obvious pieces like ‘Emperor Norton’ and ‘Dark Matter’. Their die-hard supporters have christened themselves ‘the Dead Fanatics’ – go figure.

AOS3 now mostly live in London, playing shows and making different kinds of art, absolutely refusing to take any of it seriously. This is a deliberate, foolhardy labour of Love.

You can find them at