Dido Fisher and Jonathan Goldsmith

With a firm friendship forged over 20 years ago over a mutual love of music, dancing, random acts of silliness and play, Jonathan and Dido met through their involvement with the Brighton Free Party scene. Dido was part of Slack, seminal Brighton sound-system & purveyors of serious-nonsense, while Jonathan ran Café Expose.

As is the way of the world, friendships were made and collaborations ensued and the rest is a convoluted pathway of interconnected neural networks, or to put in another way.. the rest is history….

For Festival 23, Jonathan and Dido have created a unique experiential playshop called: ‘Embodying your Inner Eris; The Erisian Principle in Play.’ Eris Discordia (HAIL ERIS!) exists in all things, that is the very nature of the sacred Chao. So that means she exists in you and you and you…

Dido and Jonathan are inviting you to join in and take a bite out of a new reality tunnel and build a greater connection to the Eris within, exploring what form she takes for each of you. You will experience for yourself how you too can walk in Eris’ shoes, seeing the world trough Eris’ eyes and find out for yourself what becomes possible when you let your own personal Goddess out to play.

They promise that by the end of this experience you will have an answer to the question that has been asked by sages/cabbages through the ages:

What would Eris do?

“Reality is the original Rorschach”

Oh, and for those of you that will be coming on the Thursday night and need to shake loose your Fnords… Just follow the white rabbit.

See you in your dreams!