Jamie Kelsey Fry

Jamie Kelsey Fry is a contributing editor for New Internationalist, part of the Icelandic group the International Modern Media Institute, author of radical school textbook the Rax Toolkit and a renowned artivist. He has been called a “mob leader” by the Daily Mail, an “anarchist ring leader” by the Telegraph and a “professional trouble maker” by the Sun. He helped fight to save the Stonehenge festival in the 80s, ran around with Reclaim The Streets in the 90s, was very loud in Occupy London, helped Reclaim The Power win in Balcombe against fracking and is currently working with ten two meter square inflatable barricades to support youth voice coming into the #democracyspring.

He’s a regular radical voice on mainstream and independent media, provides guest vocals for several bands and has been in the background of the growing Psychedelic Society of the UK. He has worked with a diverse range of influential characters from Russel Brand and Jarvis Cocker to Vivienne Westwood and Bruce Reynolds, the Great Train Robber. His feet will forever be in the pond of the great Cardiacs gigs, his soul soars at the breaking of paradigms and the revolution of the mind and his heart belongs to a dog called Scrappy.

Tales From The Resistance:

Stories from the front lines of the growing global movement against disaster capitalism, the tyranny of the 1% and the fact that capitalism as we know it is fucking boring. From Barbie Liberation Organisation to the Yes Men, the mysterious Green Arrow of Kingsnorth to the glorious rampage of Josephine Witt and the genius upsurge of brandalism and direct democracy, Jamie will provide updates on what is happening and where, how you can take part and why revolution will not come from where it is expected to come from. “If I can’t dance then it ain’t my revolution” Emma Goldman.