Milk the Cow Podcast

Milk the Cow will be broadcasting via an FM transmitter to the festival as COW23 FM to keep you updated about all the happenings on site and playing some nice tunes to get our day started (and hangovers conquered) before we’re ready to go again!

Milk the Cow is a multi genre promotions and events organisation, a podcast with a global reach but most of all a community of like minded people – many of whom have never met – who come together to make a positive contribution to turning the tide against those who seek to paint the world grey and suck the soul out of life.

MTC is about the us, you and I, the people, we are Cow.

Milk the Cow has been organising events, raves and warehouse parties since the late 90’s and more latterly has seen their reputation grow exponentially beyond the North East of England via a podcast which is regularly number 1 on ITunes with a global reach. Previous guests include: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Mr C (The Shaman), Dr Rick Strassman (author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule), Sage Francis, Chester P, Bez (Happy Mondays), Amelia Womack (deputy leader of the Green Party), Johan Hari (author/journalist), Dr Alfie Bown (author of Candy Crush and Capitalism), Perc (world class techno artist), and many many more.

Milk the Cow will be bringing a variety of things to Festival 23 including the podcast (which has recently embarked on a sold out theatre run in Newcastle upon Tyne) as well as an array of performers in the ‘Milk the Cow’ tent. MTC will be speaking with some of the well known names attending the festival and are particularly keen to involve you so please do come and see them if you have a story to tell – they’d love to meet you. All of the audio recorded at Festival 23 will be released on MTC’s ITunes channel which you can subscribe to here

For Android users please download the ‘Podcast Addict’ app and search ‘Milk the Cow’.

Come and join the Cowmunity!
Twitter: @mtcpodcast