Thee Hairee Kuntz

Thee Hairee Kuntz beamed down from planet Kuntz in 2013 to provide earthlings with crunchy space jazz and improvised musical visions. We are a “super group” of all-female be-hooded and be-robed players, residing in Brighton and London, comprised of members of: The A BAND, Dolly Dollycore, Gardyloo Spew, BINNSCLAGG, Earth Mother, Bloom, GAGGLE, The Zero Map and The Bald Knobbers. We are ecstatic to play a set of improvised, experimental soundscapes using a variety of electronic and acoustic percussion instruments and vocal sounds.

We want to create MAGIC! We shall be creating a shamanistic smoke, smells and incantations to a visual pre-filmed backdrop of us completing a ritualistic performance. We will create a film of us performing an incantation to the benevolent spirit of Festival 23 and the ever-lasting Goddesses Freya, Isis and Eris, a short while before the festival to be incorporated into our performance.

We are here to represent the under-represented. To have fun, spread cosmic vibes, create a force field of love and energise the spirits. Our sound is sometimes jazz, sometimes noise, spacey, minimalist, building, controlled sets with lots of ear play, interplay and lysergic psychedelic drama. We move between twinkly, soft and enchanting to heavy, crunchy, pulsating, rhythms and screeching saxophones and back again along a seamless river. We are influenced by Sun-Ra, Bolide, Bjork, Moomins, the films of Tarkovsky and the celebration of disorder and the lightness of chaos. We have been cited as sounding like all of these things.

We are a dreamscape. We are evolving. We are mischief. We are tiny particles of light. Let the light shine through at Festival 23.