2016 (What The Fuck Is Going On?)

Forever Justifed and Ancient

2016 (What The Fuck Is Going On?). Last year on the eve of Harpo Marx’s assassination the Cube Cinema in Bristol made a time-stretched and burnt sample offering to one of the all time best pop bands in the world. Forever Justified & Ancient.

Along with the burning of 1K that night, an hour long mysterious mix of K related footage flickered onto the cinema’s screen. The 3rd Eye space now & for eternity presents a rare chance to reView.

The Cube is a Microplex Cinema, Arts venue, adult creche and progressive social wellbeing enterprise in Central Bristol, England. It was formed in 1998 by 4 artists who had no idea what they were getting into. Idealists, amateurs, fools, material positivists, stilt walkers, film directors, screen writers, occultists. But not even running illegal cinema speakeasy events in Bristol (Club Rombus) could prepare them for the monster they gave birth to one cold and rainy October evening in 1998.