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Space Blaster

Space Blaster

Space Blaster is the musical alias of brothers Jamie (23) and Tom Grashion (26), practicing and playing together for well over a decade and both with years of engineering experience for top UK producers, the duo have a honed in vision and ear for live rock music. Inspired by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, The Dead Weather and Royal Blood, Space Blaster take you on a journey through their unique blend of heavy blues riffs, ear licking hooks and razor sharp synths over a sea of thundering rhythms. Having headlined well established London venues such as Camden’s Barfly and Dublin Castle and the years of hard graft already worked on the music scene supporting Killing Joke, playing Glastonbury, Heaven, The Fleece, Clapham Grand etc. Space Blaster are looking to up the anti on the live circuit.

Lee Ravitz

Lee Ravitz is an actor with a longstanding interest in the work of Robert Anton Wilson, Kennedy conspiracy theories, comparative mythology and Fortean High Strangeness (but of course). He loves genre based, avant garde and comedic work, particularly for screen, and has had the pleasure of appearing as Bond villain wannabe Clem in PULP (a Brit comedy set on the comic book convention circuit), as a cynical fisherman alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in BURLESQUE FAIRYTALES and was ripped to shreds by particularly vicious rabbits in 80s comic horror homage, CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS. On stage, he has a habit of embodying cultish literary characters, and is proud to add Simon Moon and George Dorn to his past depictions of Rincewind (TERRY PRATCHETT’S ERIC) and Flay (TITUS GROAN). A talented writer, he has penned radio plays performed by e.g. Timothy West and Prunella Scales, and also lectured to the Society for Psychical Research on historical poltergeist hauntings, as these things go.

Jacqueline Genie

Jacqueline Genie is a writer, performer and director. She started her career in theatre, writing/performing the critically acclaimed one woman shows Madwoman In The Attic (Riverside Studios) and Melodrama For Woman and Fridge (Edinburgh Fringe, winner of The Herald newspaper award) and writing / directing vaudeville musical Catwoman Colette. She was shortlisted for The Stage Award for Acting Excellence, worked extensively with Ken Campbell, playing leads in Pidgin Makbed and 24 hour cult epic The Warp, appeared in legendary sketch show Newsrevue and improvised comedy at The Gilded Balloon.She has an MA in Scriptwriting, with commissions including The Glastonbury Grail, The Sacred Quest, spec TV comedy drama The Circle, shortlisted BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum, and God’s Gift, selected for Cascade Media’s Writer’s Couch. She wrote/directed Ex, and Do You Come Here Often?, a comic documentary about reincarnation.

Tom Baker

Tom Baker is a long standing Dischordian Pope, and SubGenius Minister (Rev Dr Tommy Squeezebox) He is is a London-based all round performer splitting his energies between cabaret (It’s YOUR Funeral, the Double R Club, The Black Cat Cabaret), music (deranged accordion-toting frontman of The Bohemianauts) and occasional forays into the world of theatre (most notably, in this context, The Warp, The Southwark Mysteries and The Cosmic Trigger Play). He is almost sure that he’s not just a brain in a jar somewhere, but remains open to the possibility that everything he knows is wrong.

Katy-Anne Bellis

Katy-Anne Bellis is a regular performer and artist on the Liverpool arts scene. She trained at Hope street ltd where she developed a passion for puppetry and street theatre. At Manchester metropolitan university she got a taste for creating radical and anarchic performances in unusual spaces and went on to form the company Caustic widows. She has toured nationally and internationally as a street theatre artist, cabaret performer and actress with companies including Whalley Range All stars, Headstrung, And Now, Proper Job Theatre and the Lantern company. In February 2014 she met Daisy and became a fully fledged company member of the Cosmic Trigger Play.

Moksha Poetess

Michelle Watson aka Moksha Poetess has worked as an actress with The Natural Theatre Company, in Ken Campbell’s, “The Warp” and as John Constables Goose in “The Southwark Mysteries”, which performed in venues including Shakespeare’s Globe. She then shifted her attention to writing, becoming Moksha, a respected spoken word artist on the London and festival circuit. She also writes issue based plays for teenagers, which are performed by actors throughout the UK. For many years she produced her own successful “It’s a Thought Crime Cabaret” events at the 491 Gallery and other London venues and has worked side by side with Daisy Campbell on a number of projects, not least the Cosmic Trigger play, which she co-produced. She also Directed the Find the Others Festival, which ran along side the play. Her trigger well and truly pulled.

Claudia Egypt Boulton

Claudia Egypt Boulton is 40 years a theatre maker; a true mind fuck operative with an incredible lineage of evolutionary theatre. Her professional debut was with the delightfully whacky Phantom Captain. She became a Founder member of Beryl and the Perils – Fast Furious Feminist Fun in the 70’s/80’s. Warped seriously first time around, ICA/ Edinburgh at the Regency Cinema. 79-80 with Ken Campbell; Warped again second generation with Ken and Daisy Eris Campbell. Actor/Managed that beast for 2 years at the Drome 1999-2001. Guest directed at the painter Symon’s, Space Island Light Industrial Theatre in Bali – an amphitheatre designed by Buckminster Fuller. Toured in the role of the `Serpent in Peter Greenaway’s prop Opera. ‘100 Objects to Represent the World.’ Directed Robert Anton Wilson’s, Wilhelm Reich In Hell, in the 80’s at the October Gallery London as well as “Deconstruction of Countdown” – based on William Burrough’s Naked Lunch for Studio 7. AND she not only co-produced the Cosmic Trigger play, she also played Eris herself.

Bang Crosby

Bang Crosby is a punk trickster and clown, exploiting archetypal and elemental energies to create cabaret from chaos. His work is heavily influenced by vodou and chaos magick, creating a hilarious tapestry of light, sound, sex, and death, framed within the cosmology of the fool.

Salena Godden

Salena Godden is one of Britain’s foremost spoken word artists and poets. A regular performer at
literary festivals in a career that is now entering its third decade, Salena tops the bill at literary
events both nationally and internationally. She’s appeared as a guest and writer for many BBC
Radio programmes including The Verb, Saturday Live, Loose Ends and Fact To Fiction and she
has written and presented several arts documentaries and a play for the BBC too. Burning Eye
Books published her first full collection ‘Fishing In The Aftermath: Poems 1994 ­ 2014’ marking
twenty years of poetry and performance, with the majority of the work included previously
unpublished in book form. Her literary childhood memoir ‘Springfield Road’ was successfully
crowd funded and published with Unbound Books in 2014. Widely recognised as a trailblazer for
fellow performers, Salena has also dedicated herself to mentoring newcomers to the scene. Her
voice is distinctive and unique, her performances are electrifying, hilarious, intensely powerful and full of warmth.

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