Inspired by the white heat of the Cosmic Trigger play and Conferestival experience, the idea for Festival 23 was conceived, then given form and shape by the busy brains of Pope Absinthe Codeina and Lord Fnord. Drawing their significant others into this maelstrom of madness saw Groot and The Law join the team and finally anoint themselves as the first, mighty, Festival 23 Veering Group.

With Anomino channelling our vision into an appropriate badge of honour, and Wrecktor shaping our web vessel, the 23rd Sheffield Rotten Apple Corps have been beavering away to get us, and indeed you, HERE.

The Others

So we’ve got this far, but only with the help of our co-conspirators can this beautiful beast be brought into the world. Midwives to the birth, handmaidens to the ritual, these wonderful people have been conspiring to create, colluding to help us shape Festival 23 into something truly heroic…

Adam Baker - Adam Baker is an artist, mental health nurse, film maker, photographer/digital manipulator, occasional actor and former roller derby bench coach. Currently working as a rehabilitation clinician in NSW, Australia, Adam has also worked in several acute inpatient settings both in the UK and Australia. At present Adam runs several art and music based groups in … Continue reading Adam Baker
Twitchey Spleen - Twitchey Spleen was born in the late 1970’s. Bad dreams necessitated he begin on the path of lucid dreaming around the age of seven years. 1986 was a significant year for young Twitchey: he publically performed his first musical ‘composition’*, and almost successfully cheated his way to attaining a ‘3000 Metre’ swimming badge **. In … Continue reading Twitchey Spleen
Dave Lee Dave Lee - Dave Lee is a Chaos magician, breathwork coach and writer with a fund of bizarre experiences. He has spent decades researching effective techniques for undoing our conditioning and changing our realities, including Chaos Magic, entheogens and energy-body alchemy. He is a qualified breathwork coach and a leading light in the Chaos Magic organization the Illuminates … Continue reading Dave Lee
Buddhist Punk The Buddhist Punk aka Lord Fnord XXIII - Tim Holmes is a walking talking contradiction; my goddess can he talk. He’s also a poet, for the last seventeen years he’s travelled in the guise of the Buddhist Punk. Having produced a one man show: The Sub Verse Meditations of a Buddhist Punk, performed at literary & music festivals (Off the Shelf, Ledbury, Shambala, … Continue reading The Buddhist Punk aka Lord Fnord XXIII
Myra Stuart - Myra Stuart is a designer, spatial artist and puppeteer. A key part of the Festival 23 veering group, she is responsible for coordinating and designing the decor on site and curating visual art for our DeStablise area. Alongside working as a set designer and prop maker for the likes of the Southbank Centre and Brighton and London … Continue reading Myra Stuart
Groot Groot - Once a Yorkshireman who handed out flyers for events at night and played his guitar by day writing music. In between various chef and cook jobs, Bob was offered the chance to organise a live gig one time and from there, and by the gaul of his cheek, he slowly got more into being a … Continue reading Groot
Laura Fives - Laura Fives / (Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of) The Law Disco fledgling – wet behind the ears but learning fast. Repurposing her torchlight of reason as a lightsaber. Expert planner, organiser and bean counter revelling in the richness of the tension between hodge and podge when trying to organise chaos.. or, … Continue reading Laura Fives
Lisa Lovebucket Lisa Lovebucket - Lisa Lovebucket is Chair of the Teesside Literary Society, Gatekeeper of Chapel Perilous, Editor of Teesside University’s Creative Writing Blog and Founder of the Church United in the Name of Thinking. Her short play ‘Sister of Mercy’ was performed at the Crossing the Tees Literary Festival in June this year, her first dalliance with scripting … Continue reading Lisa Lovebucket
Pope Absinthe Codeina - Young Mother Hagbard / Pope Absinthe Codeina / Little Pope Peep / Anwen Fryer has always been a daughter of Eris, before she knew it even. Her talents and resume have been maverick, dynamic and varied. “A” level art, head waitress, managing a pub, working in a Stampmakers, Project 2000 Nursing, being part of Sheffield … Continue reading Pope Absinthe Codeina
Nick Margerrison - Who is Nick Margerrison? In short he’s a TV presenter, writer and an award winning radio presenter. In long, he’s worked on LBC, Kerrang Radio, Hallam FM and The Bay. And other places, for a bit. The TV show he presented was called “Esoteria” and ran for two series on Controversial TV (Sky channel 200). … Continue reading Nick Margerrison
Megan Alan D - Megan Alan D (pseudonym) is a busybody who has at one stage or another had a hand in puppetry, poetry, opera, musical comedy, DJing, theatre, experimental soundscape, illegal parties and mixed media spectacles, creating performance art of some kind in venues including Royal Albert Hall, 02 Arena, Brighton Dome, Secret Garden Party and Supernormal Festival. … Continue reading Megan Alan D
Seani Love Seani Love - The Good Doctor Reverend Doctor Foolish Doctor Seani Love is believed to be the world’s first professional Discordian Sex Magician. Combining the arts of Chaos Magic, Broomstick riding, Conscious Kink, and Tantric love moves in the dark, Seani Love hosts rituals, workshops, dinner parties, naked runs along the beach, weddings and private sessions where all … Continue reading Seani Love
C J Stone C J Stone - Christopher James Stone, also known as CJ Stone, was a Guardian columnist from September 1993 to March 1998.He has written a number of books, including the cult classic about the free party scene,Fierce Dancing. He has had articles published in The Guardian, The Independent, The New Statesman, The London Review of Books, Kindred Spirit and … Continue reading C J Stone