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Join in: NotWork 23

Sound fun? Interesting? Enlightening?

We hope so and we want you involved. Yes that’s right you!

The purpose of Festival 23 isn’t just to hold a party under the stars, but to strengthen our burgeoning network of Discordians. To embrace the chaos of a collective and we’re aiming to do this with NotWork 23.

2015-02-17 21.17.14

Like a network only more FUN!

Our grassroots co-operative, NotWork 23, ‘owns’ Festival 23 – one member, one vote and all that shizzle. Ground up, not top down.

Joining NotWork 23 costs £23 per year – That’s twenty three of your Hinglish pounds to have a say in how we birth and raise our beautiful offspring.

How good will that feel? The joy of participation.

Our dream is to empower each other in a stimulating and entertaining way, like a band of adventurers chasing one big dream, supporting one another to challenging our individual and consensus reality tunnels.

If you’re cynical it might sound like a con, £23 to be part of something as yet undefined. It might sound like a swizz, but it’s more like a swizzle stick, or a drumstick, or some parmaviolets… See if you really think about it it sounds sweet. I’d want in if I were you.

You can join by emailing us at and pledging your bio-survival tickets to the cause.

If you’re into that sort of thing and want to know what it really means… y’know, really REALLY means, then you can read our Wodge of Podge that will tell you all about how our co-operative works in the eyes of Greyface.

What’s in it for me?

Not only do you become a co-owner of a stupendous magickal happening, you will also get reduced price tickets for Festival 23 and invitations to our regular NotWork 23 get togethers. We held our inaugural Wow Pow in November, with people joining us from across the country and on Skype from overseas, to start to connect the dots. Look what happened…

Wow Pow montage