Talks and playshops

Talks and Playshops

John Higgs: Ziggy Blackstar and the Art of Becoming - No Discordian event could possibly be complete without the presence of the wonderful John Higgs, author of The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned A Million Pounds, the best introduction to Discordianism for the uninitiated out there, in our opinion, and a prolific speaker, talker and thinker. John will be bringing his Ziggy … Continue reading John Higgs: Ziggy Blackstar and the Art of Becoming
Vinay Gupta - Vinay Gupta (or ‘The Man Whose Job It Is to Constantly Imagine the Total Collapse of Humanity in Order to Save it’ according to  Vice) is a technologist and policy analyst with a particular interest in how specific technologies can create or close off avenues for decision makers. This interest has taken him through cryptography, energy policy, … Continue reading Vinay Gupta
Dido Fisher and Jonathan Goldsmith - With a firm friendship forged over 20 years ago over a mutual love of music, dancing, random acts of silliness and play, Jonathan and Dido met through their involvement with the Brighton Free Party scene. Dido was part of Slack, seminal Brighton sound-system & purveyors of serious-nonsense, while Jonathan ran Café Expose. As is the … Continue reading Dido Fisher and Jonathan Goldsmith
Nick Margerrison - Who is Nick Margerrison? In short he’s a TV presenter, writer and an award winning radio presenter. In long, he’s worked on LBC, Kerrang Radio, Hallam FM and The Bay. And other places, for a bit. The TV show he presented was called “Esoteria” and ran for two series on Controversial TV (Sky channel 200). … Continue reading Nick Margerrison
Matt Smart - Matt Smart is an artist and sculptor experienced at producing high quality, large scale outside works. Shows include a solo show at The Turrill Sculpture Garden, and he has previously exhibited at Supernormal Festival. Through his work he explores notions on sustainability, and social treatment of tribes, diasporas and gender. He established and ran a … Continue reading Matt Smart
Jamie Kelsey Fry - Jamie Kelsey Fry is a contributing editor for New Internationalist, part of the Icelandic group the International Modern Media Institute, author of radical school textbook the Rax Toolkit and a renowned artivist. He has been called a “mob leader” by the Daily Mail, an “anarchist ring leader” by the Telegraph and a “professional trouble maker” … Continue reading Jamie Kelsey Fry
DADA 101: An introduction to Defence Against the Dark Arts - Not everything in the Cosmic Trigger blast radius is necessarily good or helpful. It gets Weird out in the Wyrd: sometimes it can seem as though you are not just wandering in Chapel Perilous, but being pursued. At times like that, it’s helpful to know the basics of how to protect yourself. This is not … Continue reading DADA 101: An introduction to Defence Against the Dark Arts
Dave Lee Dave Lee - Dave Lee is a Chaos magician, breathwork coach and writer with a fund of bizarre experiences. He has spent decades researching effective techniques for undoing our conditioning and changing our realities, including Chaos Magic, entheogens and energy-body alchemy. He is a qualified breathwork coach and a leading light in the Chaos Magic organization the Illuminates … Continue reading Dave Lee
Lisa Lovebucket Lisa Lovebucket - Lisa Lovebucket is Chair of the Teesside Literary Society, Gatekeeper of Chapel Perilous, Editor of Teesside University’s Creative Writing Blog and Founder of the Church United in the Name of Thinking. Her short play ‘Sister of Mercy’ was performed at the Crossing the Tees Literary Festival in June this year, her first dalliance with scripting … Continue reading Lisa Lovebucket
Seani Love Seani Love - The Good Doctor Reverend Doctor Foolish Doctor Seani Love is believed to be the world’s first professional Discordian Sex Magician. Combining the arts of Chaos Magic, Broomstick riding, Conscious Kink, and Tantric love moves in the dark, Seani Love hosts rituals, workshops, dinner parties, naked runs along the beach, weddings and private sessions where all … Continue reading Seani Love
Dr Bramwell - Dr. Bramwell is a man who likes to keep busy. A magpie by nature, he is a Sony-award winning presenter for BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4, host of Brighton’s Catalyst Club, author of the No9 Bus to Utopia, creator of the successful Cheeky Guide series and singer-songwriter in the band Oddfellow’s Casino. As a … Continue reading Dr Bramwell
Daisy Eris Campbell - Daisy worked alongside her father, Ken Campbell for many years, helping to create Pidgin Macbeth, (an attempt to teach the world a lingua franca via the medium of Shakespeare in Pidgin English) and The Tilly Matthews Academy of Bizarre and Adventurous Education (for performers in the business of becoming “extraordinary”) amongst many other capers. She … Continue reading Daisy Eris Campbell
Ben Graham - Ben Graham is a poet, writer, performer, counter-culture historian and music journalist, whose work has appeared in the Quietus, the Stool Pigeon and Shindig magazine, among other publications. He is the author of ‘A Gathering of Promises: The Battle for Texas’s Psychedelic Music, from the 13th Floor Elevators to the Black Angels and Beyond’ (Zero … Continue reading Ben Graham

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