The Experience

Woweeee! It happened! It was Heroic! You were all Heroic!

We are excited to announce that due to the resounding success of this Discordian meet there will be a second Festival 23 – Convergence of Disco in 2018!

Festival 23 is a co-operative and is open to new members. Will you join the Notwork?

Notwork members have a say in how the beast we have birthed is nurtured, tethered, generally dealt with. The first festival was designed with input from Notwork members at Wowpow meetings of which there will be many more. You can have a say in how the next festival is ‘organised’ …

Join the firmfind the others… you will not be disappointed!

Festival 23 2016 line up
Festival 23 2016 line up

Festival 23 will be an Experience. A ritual for ritual’s sake. A gathering of mischevious spirits, subversive individuals, seekers with creative intent, who wish to inspire and to be inspired. An interactive celebration of literature and the arts, of theatre, playshops and music inspired by the Discordian movement.

Live music


Artists and Installations

Talks and Playshops


Spoken word




(NEW FEATUREĀ – Luxury glamping optionsĀ for festival 23)

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