Cuckoo Clocks

Hidden away in potent smoke filled rooms, where valves from the past, hum in the present, the authentic yet deviant sound of the six piece Sheffield band The Cuckoo Clocks conjure up the spirit of the country sound born from psychedelia with harmonies and ancient rhymes mixed with it’s home town’s eccentric tradition.

Originally the eccentric brainchild of Paul Infanti (from much missed John Peel favourites, Treebound Story) and DJ/producer Sophie Toes (Sheffield’s foremost queen of the Mixer), Cuckoo Clocks have since become a fully-fledged 6 piece symphonic beast, blending beautifully naive clockwork rhythms with definitive super glue melodies to create a pastoral Garden Wall Of Sound.

There’s no place for the illusions of the daily grind as the madness of time retreats their second album, “Frontiers of a Seductive Mind”, Awakes!