Practical Magic


Practical Magic

And so to the practical matter of magic. Let’s make some.

We’ll use signs and sigils, our hearts and our hands. We’ll shoot for the stars with our pineal glands.

Wherever you are around this beautiful globe you can help get this shit off the ground. There’s lots of ways you can support us birthing this beautiful beast…

Make it, Wear it, Be it.

Help make Festival 23 happen. We want your energy, your support, your hearts, your minds but also your pockets! Find out how to get involved at our crowdfunding page and grab yourself one of our wonderful pledge packages.

We’d also like you to spread the word and what better way than with our 3rd eye catching Festival 23  clobber? We’ve been out & about, modelling our first range of designs and already the orders are amassing. Find out how you too can wear Festival23.

Most importantly we want you. We’ve met lots of you already and frankly you’re amazing. We want you to be Festival 23 so we’re taking a collective approach – forming a cooperative model. We’re joining up, a discordian union so to speak. It will be chaotic, like herding (Schrodinger’s) cats, but it will be HEROIC.