Puppet Alan Watts & the Future Zen Variety Show

Alan Watts

Puppet Alan Watts is the first in the Future Zen Variety Show, an explosion of fabric cosmic thinkers, which include Tim Leary, William Burroughs and Diane Di Prima.

“A guru or teacher who wants to get this across to somebody, because he knows it himself, and when you know it, you know, you want others to see it too. So what he does is, he gets you into being ridiculous, harder and more assiduously than usual. In other words, if you are in a contest with the universe he’s going to stir up that contest until it becomes ridiculous.”

Co-created by Megan Louise Clifton and Myra Stuart, he’s surprised and made audiences laugh out loud giving talks across the last year, including at Supernormal Festival.

He now has a growing Youtube channel and is working with his co-creators on the next ridiculous steps for his interactions with audiences.

“The real you is not a puppet, which life pushes around. The real deep down you is the whole universe.”

Puppet Alan Watts Youtube channel