Once a Yorkshireman who handed out flyers for events at night and played his guitar by day writing music. In between various chef and cook jobs, Bob was offered the chance to organise a live gig one time and from there, and by the gaul of his cheek, he slowly got more into being a promoter (with no money, but great memories).

Eventually he started to take matters more seriously and year by year worked on bigger and better festivals and shows. Along the way he realised it was better to offer production services to earn his money and to organise crazy parties to feed his soul.

This journey started just over 23 years ago! For the last 6 years he has been running his own events company which now produces festival style weddings for strange folk in forests all over the country and crazy parties for people who want something different out of life

He met and became enchanted with Pope Absinthe Codeina / Anwen Fryer last year and, since then, day by day and week by week, has slowly become aware and enthralled by the world of Disco.

Reading John Higgs‘ KLF book was the glue to join all the odd shaped and sized pieces of the crazy jigsaw world of Discordian madness together in his party battered brain. He is now slowly chewing his way through the Principia Discordia itself, changing his mind on a daily basis as to whether he is a Discordian or not!!

Since spending most of his time in forests on events, he has evolved…….

Bob is now very pleased to state, as part of his Disco trip in life, ………… “I Am Groot!!!!”