The Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club –  (A.J. Miller, E.Max Broady, John Perry) began as a bedroom based recording project in 2004, expanding in 2007 to a full band and then existing in various states before recently settling as an Existential Sex Rock Power Trio. The product of 3 distinct singer/songwriters each bringing their own spin on indie­pop/DIY, coming together through a shared love of the absurd.

Often filtering bleak subject matter through catchy, concise pop songs and informed by a belief that clever and stupid are equally valid methods of expression. They have released 8 albums: No, You Broke Jo’s Amp! (2007, Doot Doot), SOAP (2008, Doot Doot), Katapult (2009, OddBox Records), So Claw and Sour Crow (both 2011, Cath’n’Dad Records), Passing Strange and Dry Humps (both 2013, Cath’n’Dad Records), So The Win Won’t Blow It All Away (2015, 2013 – Cath’n’Dad Records). The (entire) Wednesday Club discography is now available through their own record label, Cath ‘n’ Dad Records, as free downloads or on a pay­what­you­like­basis with all the money going to charity

Songs by the Wednesday Club have been played on Gideon Coe’s BBC 6 Music Show, Dandelion Radio, Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation’s Podcast, Route For The Underdog, The Big British Breakfast, BBC Radio Leeds, KVRX etc