Nick Margerrison

Who is Nick Margerrison? In short he’s a TV presenter, writer and an award winning radio presenter. In long, he’s worked on LBC, Kerrang Radio, Hallam FM and The Bay. And other places, for a bit. The TV show he presented was called “Esoteria” and ran for two series on Controversial TV (Sky channel 200).

Nick currently writes for the Disinformation website and presents the fantastical Cult Of Nick podcasts. The Cult Of Nick is more than just a podcast … it’s a podcast with a silly name. Highlights include astronaut Edgar Mitchell, uber conspiracy theorist David Icke, and former MI5 spook David Shayler – all in the archive – along with interviews from many of our co-conspirators including Daisy Campbell, John Higgs, CJ Stone and The Buddhist Punk. New uploads every Tuesday. You can join “the internet’s least sinister cult” by listening to all of them.