Pope Absinthe Codeina

Young Mother Hagbard / Pope Absinthe Codeina / Little Pope Peep / Anwen Fryer has always been a daughter of Eris, before she knew it even.

Her talents and resume have been maverick, dynamic and varied. “A” level art, head waitress, managing a pub, working in a Stampmakers, Project 2000 Nursing, being part of Sheffield based Curfew Sound System running their bar and cafe van in the 90s, social & green activism. All these things led to her founding her shop, Airy Fairy, 16 years ago: a fair trade, local art & new age gift shop and veggie cafe in Sheffield.

Her friend, playmate and colleague at the time, the Buddhist Punk, passed her Illuminatus. First being hit up with RAW’s work in 2002 led to a look sidewards at each other, they said “Is the Principia real?”. From that moment on, Discordianism has played a monumental part in her life. Choosing her blend of hodge and podge, she calls herself a Discowiccan or Wiccacordian depending on her mood. She likes life to be full, light hearted and deep, full of humour, magic and creativity all at the same time!

A bit like marmite with glitter in, you will come to love her or hate her. Either way, you can’t stop her twinkling.