Redbus Noface

One crisp morning at the “Toy Haven”, the Sun fighting its way through begrimed windows, the telephone rings. The owner and manager of Worcester Park’s premier toy shop answers. Somehow he does not infer from the cod German accent on the line that he is being made a fool of, or worse. The voice is demanding directions and is intent on buying a plastic sit-upon, “The bus with the face”. For little Wolfgang, of course. Amid smirks and giggles from the party at the other end of the line, and many calls later, our brave Mr. Hall, (for it is he), finally is moved to weary exasperation. He suggests our friends from Europe board the bus, a 213 to Kingston Garage and head back towards the shop; they would appear to have disembarked in North Cheam. “We are in Beam!” they squeal. “You must get on the bus”, He says, starting to shout just a little. The party who claim they are from Dusseldorf are confused. “The bus with the face?” they ask. “No!” he blurts. “RED BUS, NO FACE”! The legend is born, and the whole sorry episode is captured on quarter inch tape. It will be listened to many, many times. Many, many times. Notwithstanding the impious treatment meted out to Mr. Hall and his minions at the “Toy Haven”, the music springing from this pointless but gladdening episode is certainly not intended to amuse, but rather to divert your attention from the adorable little miseries you would rather not confront, today or any day. Never was so little precedent engaged for so little reason; damaged music from who knows where created for reasons we should never wish to know. Be like little Wolfgang. Enjoy.

Watch their super wonderful collaboration with Jo Spratley and Bic Hayes covering Tim Smith’s Ocean Shipwreck at the Alphabet Business Convention in 2015 or this sweet little rehearsal clip.

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