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Live music

Vibe Machine - A London based vocal led quartet with backing vocals and horns – Vibe Machine are constructed with the finest hand engineered rhythm & rhyme. Unflinching social commentary with a tight ‘n’ funky sound, Vibe Machine have been described as ‘Ian Dury bumping into Gil Scott Heron in 21st century London and then moving to LA to … Continue reading Vibe Machine
Elephant Disco - A whole new genre in the making, Elephant Disco are forging forward mashing up Electronica, Afro Caribbean and African influences to create a dance floor stomping groove that will infect every one that hears it. Having played a plethora of intimate gigs and club nights where every one in attendance shook their booty, Elephant Disco are ripe for … Continue reading Elephant Disco
Space Blaster Space Blaster - Space Blaster is the musical alias of brothers Jamie (23) and Tom Grashion (26), practicing and playing together for well over a decade and both with years of engineering experience for top UK producers, the duo have a honed in vision and ear for live rock music. Inspired by the likes of Queens Of The … Continue reading Space Blaster
Super Weird Substance - Super Weird Substance is the multi-media label founded by legendary DJ Greg Wilson, releasing a swathe of balearicpsychedelicdubdisco recordings in 2015 whilst hosting live sixties styled ‘Happenings’ that include talks, art, bands and DJs. Informed by the past but by no means trapped there, the idea behind Super Weird Substance is to help reclaim the … Continue reading Super Weird Substance
FOUR MANATEES - FOUR MANATEES: Backlight Dreams Four Manatees will explore, expose, explode, merge and destroy boundaries between composition, improvisation, play and ritual. We will fool around with the idea of a “game”, or a “ritual” of a “piece of music” or “poetry” in five written pieces, each using a different compositional method and including elements of ritual and play. We will … Continue reading FOUR MANATEES
Chiv CHIV - Chiv: noun (slang). Knife or prison blade. Musically, though, a village idiot, never sure if he’s telling it true or meowing up the wrong shrub. As likely to sing about blind escapism, fruit, turmoil, or chronic loss of tupperware. (DJ) Chiv: playfully trainwrecking and discordially crashing the classics you hate to love, or simply smashing dark delinquent … Continue reading CHIV
Daniel WJ Mackenzie - Daniel W J Mackenzie is a musician and sonic artist who works with varied sound sources and intentions, combining treatments of physical instruments and objects with field recordings and numerous abstraction processes. His work draws on the emotional and psychological crossings where music and non-musical sound meet, resulting in material that can swing quite violently … Continue reading Daniel WJ Mackenzie
Cuckoo Clocks - Hidden away in potent smoke filled rooms, where valves from the past, hum in the present, the authentic yet deviant sound of the six piece Sheffield band The Cuckoo Clocks conjure up the spirit of the country sound born from psychedelia with harmonies and ancient rhymes mixed with it’s home town’s eccentric tradition. Originally the … Continue reading Cuckoo Clocks
The Tiny Minds - Hailing from Hebden Bridge, The Tiny Mind’s music is transcendence & sublimation, pink grapefruits, rainbows, cynical surprises and paranoid delights. Infinite, universal, timeless & evolving in a creative four piece dreamy pop package. Check their videos for tracks Miss Mysticism and Skulls & Bones on YouTube.
THF Drenching (Stuart Carlton) - THF Drenching is a free improviser and composer of musique concrète. He is the pre-eminent improvising Dictaphone-player of the Manchester region. He runs Council Of Drent recordings, which also issues poetry and sells pictures. Here are 32 of his albums, haha.
WildCohen - BloochyKoo - Live Performance Artwork WildCohen - WildCohen’s debut album came out on the 3rd June and features Rob Gordon mix enginering and mastering, Jody Wildgoose producer and multi instrumentalist, along with Rob Cohen songwriter. The album title BloochyKoo was chosen to represent the eclectic mix of songs that have been carefully crafted together, “with lyrics are about peace and enlightenment and love and coming together,” says Cohen. “It’s about Life, Love, Death … Continue reading WildCohen
SamH SAMH - SAMH – Samh have been playing together for hundreds of years under many forms. The music of Samh represents the swarming shift in collective human consciousness. Expect moments of folk, reggae, prog rock, psychedelia & his own, unique essence of intense love and rampant calmness. Bring down the babylon, tear away the foggy compliance and tune into Samh. Playing … Continue reading SAMH
JAZZ RIOT - A folk/punk spoken word duo with roots in the Edwardian music hall tradition, JaZZ RiOT are like nothing else around at the moment – it’s basically a rhyming gobshite and a jazzing riffer, using comedy as a Trojan Horse to fire on Babylon. or something. “Venomous, thoughtful and very funny” – The Crack. “Like Viz … Continue reading JAZZ RIOT
Cowtown - Initially seeking an antidote to a perceived over earnestness amongst the Leeds post-hardcore scene they called home; and formed out of a desire to fill LS6 residential basements with party starting punk rock, Cowtown have outlasted those early peers and sweaty basement hangouts to spend a decade as one of the strongest pulses to circulate … Continue reading Cowtown
G I B L E T - G I B L E T are a four piece conceptual rock band who mostly manifest their art in and around the city of Londinium. Here are some thoughts on their debut album ‘Holding The Egg’: “… if you twisted my arm for a quote, I’d describe it as “Gentle Giant and Current 93 having … Continue reading G I B L E T
Map 71 - Brighton’s Map 71 combine the words of artist Lisa Jayne with the productions of Andy Pyne, bringing together sinister ritual percussion and sparse electro textures with a voice racing between surreal demons and earthy anxiety. Lisa Jayne is a regular performer on the Brighton poetry scene and the originator of chaos improv unit Ringlock. Andy … Continue reading Map 71
Cosmic Trigger Cabaret - We are so Very Freakin’ Happy that the very people who inspired and stirred up our 12 years of comfortable Discordianism by putting on a Play and Conferestival in November 2014 will be a High Light at our festival! Cast and crew from the ‘Cosmic Trigger Play’ and ‘Find the Others Conferestival’ will be holding … Continue reading Cosmic Trigger Cabaret
The Wednesday Club - The Wednesday Club –  (A.J. Miller, E.Max Broady, John Perry) began as a bedroom based recording project in 2004, expanding in 2007 to a full band and then existing in various states before recently settling as an Existential Sex Rock Power Trio. The product of 3 distinct singer/songwriters each bringing their own spin on indie­pop/DIY, coming together through … Continue reading The Wednesday Club
Retinal Circus Retinal Circus - RETINAL CIRCUS – Bored with all of these run o’ the mill la­de­bloomin­da songs about girls and relationships? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Retinal Circus only deal with shapes, platonic relationships with time keeping devices, Spaniards with fantastic ‘taches, seahorses suspended in the vacuum of space, nebulae, fellers chomping faces on bath salts, and an analysis … Continue reading Retinal Circus
Redbus Noface - One crisp morning at the “Toy Haven”, the Sun fighting its way through begrimed windows, the telephone rings. The owner and manager of Worcester Park’s premier toy shop answers. Somehow he does not infer from the cod German accent on the line that he is being made a fool of, or worse. The voice is … Continue reading Redbus Noface
Knifeworld - Knifeworld is Eight of Dense. Her psychedelic ray gun spray silver matter into their captive thirdeye. Formed in 2009, the brainchild of the stupendously prolific Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs, Gong, Guapo, Mediaeval Babes, Monsoon Bassoon), and featuring members of Chromehoof, Sidi Bou Said and North Sea Radio Orchestra, Knifeworld will be bringing their blistering live show … Continue reading Knifeworld
Barringtone - Fronted by Barry Dobbin, formerly of the brilliant and critically acclaimed Clor, Barringtone will be bringing their crisp off-kilter electro pop to our main stage on Friday night. “If Frank Zappa had ever bothered – deigned, stooped – to write a hit single, it might have sounded a bit like this darting, careening slither of … Continue reading Barringtone
Thee Hairee Kuntz - Thee Hairee Kuntz beamed down from planet Kuntz in 2013 to provide earthlings with crunchy space jazz and improvised musical visions. We are a “super group” of all-female be-hooded and be-robed players, residing in Brighton and London, comprised of members of: The A BAND, Dolly Dollycore, Gardyloo Spew, BINNSCLAGG, Earth Mother, Bloom, GAGGLE, The Zero … Continue reading Thee Hairee Kuntz
Binnsclagg - Binnsclagg mix spoken word and electro-acoustic sound sources, often creating deliberately, provocatively unpleasant audio events. Past performances have seen them using industrial cutting equipment, filling cramped venues with showers of incandescent sparks and grating metallic shrieks [Wire Magazine] Binnsclagg are idiots. may-2015
Planet 9 - Planet 9 is the latest collaboration between Jo Sims (formerly of Dorothy’s Ghost) and Tommy Tuff (Staxx and Rudeboy & Rascal). The band will be showcasing original songs from their forthcoming album ‘Studio Dub Box’, which covers a myriad of musical styles from heartfelt ballads to dub, funk and disco. You can hear more here:
Private Sector - THE PRIVATE SECTOR – When the game appears rigged you need a new set of rules. The net product of three prolific multi­media artists, The Private Sector is driven by the dark shadow of British society. As our deepest hopes for humanity have been chewed up and spat in our faces by the global powers, this work takes … Continue reading Private Sector
Loveburns The Loveburns - Spawned from space, microbes sprayed to earth from starry dark unfathomed. An instant of light , brutally consumed void, thus appeared the Loveburns, particular, obeying rules man was not meant to know. Flesh and blood evolved, proof spectacular re animation is possible. shelley be praised. Soul sonic justice. Channelled live and direct to all our … Continue reading The Loveburns
Bloom - Bloom make alternative, life affirming music using experiments with natural and augmented vocal harmonies, syncopation and synthesisers. The music is about nature, magic and being in awe of life whilst also surviving it. As Bloom and under their previous name The Beautiful Word the band were played by pioneers of alternative pop Tom Robinson (BBC) … Continue reading Bloom
AOS3 - AOS3 started in 1990, as the free festival scene was staging it’s last stand. They began really as a way of playing the free festivals, and were unexpectedly swept up into a wave of political protest and rebooted psychedelia- which was nice! The band have been influenced over the years by sounds from the 60’s and … Continue reading AOS3
Terry Logan - Terry Logan is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Hebden Bridge. With life-affirming lyrics, and soulful sound, her songs remind us of the importance of happiness and kindness.   Terry has supported legends such as Donn Letts (BBC Radio 6 Music) and American R&B singer Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band. She was also asked … Continue reading Terry Logan

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