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Circus of the Mind

Bob Prophette, the world’s foremost (and only) Metaphysical Bookmaker will be bringing his Circus of the Mind to delight the crowds at Festival 23. Circus of the Mind is a three ringed circus of feasts for your intellect and imagination featuring games and performances associated with Metaphysical Betting (anything unprovable but “true,” Bob is the bookmaker for you); the Court of Moral Ambiguity (let Bob challenge your rationalisations of morally ambiguous acts and find out just how morally ambiguous you really are); and the Confessional for Modern (Cognitive) Sins (confess you sins of memory, decision making and bias to Bob and receive the absolution you deserve). So look out for Bob the Bookie, Bob the Judge and Bob the Priest and discover something new about yourself and others. You may even get a chance to punish Bob for his sins. Now where is that whip?

Mr Vast and the Vast Minority

“Jesus,  you’re not easy to describe, you know? Okay, let me think.. You’re like a Muppet version of a Philip K. Dick novel… A Mr Vast gig is similar to that moment when you realise you’ve been secretly filmed by Derren Brown for the last six weeks…One of my mates thought you were well dodgy while the other insisted on paying you double for your CD!? How’s that?” John Higgs.

“He’s a preacher, a screecher, an Archie Leacher An artless dodger, a limelight hogger, a dead horse flogger. He‘s the genial game-show host whose mind is toast. The quiz-master with all the wrong answers. The life coach on the National Express. The high-street shaman in the sequinned dress. This is his sweat lodge seminar, his powerpoint aberration, the shotgun in his shell suit, the seamonkey on his back A burnt-out, blurted-out, beercan-touting carry-out cabaret.”

Henry Sargeant trained as an actor and “dark clown” before veering off into music as frontman of the legendary Wevie Stonder, dubbed by the BBC as ‘the Monty Python of electronic music’ They went on to record 5 albums and two Maida Vale sessions. Mr Vast is his solo project and without the band he has heightened the theatrical/comedy elements to new bewilderingly ecstatic levels.

Cosmic Trigger Cabaret

We are so Very Freakin’ Happy that the very people who inspired and stirred up our 12 years of comfortable Discordianism by putting on a Play and Conferestival in November 2014 will be a High Light at our festival!

Cast and crew from the ‘Cosmic Trigger Play’ and ‘Find the Others Conferestival’ will be holding space on Sunday evening, to bring you a cosmic cabaret that will seriously fuck some minds. They will be delivering a medley of snippets from the play, poetry, cabaret acts and music, to whet the appetite of any true Discordian. Get ready to put some rainbow knickers on your heads to greet Eris: she’s already been invited!

More information to come soon, with individual biogs and all, but for now.. get excited… get VERY excited!

Puppet Alan Watts & the Future Zen Variety Show

Alan Watts

Puppet Alan Watts is the first in the Future Zen Variety Show, an explosion of fabric cosmic thinkers, which include Tim Leary, William Burroughs and Diane Di Prima.

“A guru or teacher who wants to get this across to somebody, because he knows it himself, and when you know it, you know, you want others to see it too. So what he does is, he gets you into being ridiculous, harder and more assiduously than usual. In other words, if you are in a contest with the universe he’s going to stir up that contest until it becomes ridiculous.”

Co-created by Megan Louise Clifton and Myra Stuart, he’s surprised and made audiences laugh out loud giving talks across the last year, including at Supernormal Festival.

He now has a growing Youtube channel and is working with his co-creators on the next ridiculous steps for his interactions with audiences.

“The real you is not a puppet, which life pushes around. The real deep down you is the whole universe.”
Puppet Alan Watts Youtube channel