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Circus of the Mind

Bob Prophette, the world’s foremost (and only) Metaphysical Bookmaker will be bringing his Circus of the Mind to delight the crowds at Festival 23. Circus of the Mind is a three ringed circus of feasts for your intellect and imagination featuring games and performances associated with Metaphysical Betting (anything unprovable but “true,” Bob is the bookmaker for you); the Court of Moral Ambiguity (let Bob challenge your rationalisations of morally ambiguous acts and find out just how morally ambiguous you really are); and the Confessional for Modern (Cognitive) Sins (confess you sins of memory, decision making and bias to Bob and receive the absolution you deserve). So look out for Bob the Bookie, Bob the Judge and Bob the Priest and discover something new about yourself and others. You may even get a chance to punish Bob for his sins. Now where is that whip?

Spirit Animal Fashion Show

Sign up at information to take part in the Spirit Animal Fashion Show. We will be building costumes in the run up to the show and have some resources to help but you are more than welcome to prepare outfits in advance for what will no doubt be the most glamorous event in anthropomorphised soul manifestation.

Contributors will be cosmically rewarded.

Note: Need not be an animal. If your spirit guide is ice cream, moss, or Chris de Burgh, we’re fine with that – it’s your guide after all.

Happy Hardcore Aerobics

All the great feeling of raving, jumping, and ‘just wiggling your fingers in the sky yeah’ but totally sober, if you like, and in the middle of the day!

All the joy of blood pumping, moving in time with other humans, spandex and getting red in the face – without gyms and ‘gym people.’

Moving all the muscles in your body feels GREAT, getting a warm face and a fast heart is GREAT, hardcore is GREAT.


Puppy Piles 4 Lyf

Megan The Hardcore Fairy