Twitchey Spleen

Twitchey Spleen was born in the late 1970’s. Bad dreams necessitated he begin on the path of lucid dreaming around the age of seven years.

1986 was a significant year for young Twitchey: he publically performed his first musical ‘composition’*, and almost successfully cheated his way to attaining a ‘3000 Metre’ swimming badge **.

In 1992 Twitchey picked up the habit of playing the electric guitar. His conscious motivation to learn and play was due to an accurate and realistic fear of the torturous challenges he would face in later life. Musical study, and willingness to please, diluted both his personality and punchable smile.

He attempted to attain a low degree of control of the guitar, and in doing so has to date spent several thousands of hours of technical practice.

He has also made some music.

In the interests of avoiding further crimes against music, he has also clocked up several thousands of hours trying to unlearn the aforementioned technical study.

In 2007 his guitar (un) work paid off, when he met his future wife and partner in fun ‘Lexington’. She is the sparky clutch that validates and thickens his fragrant, brothy stew.

In 2014 founded his latest vanity project, a band called GIBLET***.

Twitchey and GIBLET are buoyant and proud contributors for the Festival 23 Project.


*…which had no name, because he had clumsily plagiarised the main theme from the opening refrain of the contemporaneous hit record ‘Every Loser Wins’

**He employed the clever ruse of feigning breaststroke, and bouncing on one leg in the shallow end of the pool

***a band