Megan Alan D

Megan Alan D (pseudonym) is a busybody who has at one stage or another had a hand in puppetry, poetry, opera, musical comedy, DJing, theatre, experimental soundscape, illegal parties and mixed media spectacles, creating performance art of some kind in venues including Royal Albert Hall, 02 Arena, Brighton Dome, Secret Garden Party and Supernormal Festival.

Currently exploring interactive nonsense, (heading up that department for the festival) Megan brings Happy Hardcore Aerobics, Human Dog Crufts and Spirit Animal Fashion Show to Festival 23.

Megan is partner in the Future Zen Variety Puppetry firm with Myra Stuart (the firm that brought you Puppet Alan Watts and Puppet Tim Leary) and also performs in experimental magi-pop band ‘Bloom.’

Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson and the tidalwave of ideas, friends and realisations that followed rescued her from a period of surgically imposed muteness, changing her life, and opening her up to the cosmic void of pure everything we all happen to be. Megan is also a Music Technology Lecturer and emoticon witch. Hail Eris.