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Mark Armstrong

Mark stumbled into Djing aged 23 spending the mid/late 90s flying the flag for techno, house and electronica, playing alongside alongside such luminaries as Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills, Andrew Weatherall. Autechre, Surgeon, Carl Craig, Dave Clarke, Marshall Jefferson etc.

As well as being resident DJ for seminal Sheffield night Remedy and a founder of Sheffield’s Curfew Sound system (holders of many Yorkshire/Derbsyhire free parties) he also played at various places including Sankeys Soap, Turnmills, Sheffield’s Republic/Bed and Arches, NY Sushi, Scuba and Headcharge* (*in a backroom capacity!).

Much as how prior to DJing Mark played in bands, these last 21 years have also been peppered with musical projects playing with (ex-Cabaret Voltaire, Hula) Nort’s band Yonni and more recently Meat for a Dark Day with Mark Hudson of Fat Truckers.

MfaDD’s double B side single having a side each produced by Sheffield production legends Ross Orton (MIA, Arctice Monkeys, Drenge) and Dean Honer (I Monster, Eccentronic Research Council), boasts the dubious honour of being the first release on Sheffield Phonographic that Steve Lamaq DIDN’T play.

More recently he’s been collaborating with BAFTA nominated film-maker Annie Scott on films for writer Stephen Scott’s short stories and playing an eclectic ‘audio obstacle’ course show on Sheffield Live radio spanning Krautrock to afrobeat, garage rock to electronica, as well, of course as the slightly-rarer- than-they- used-to- be DJ sets.

DJ Moonmonkey

Hailing from the impenetrable jungles of Snowdonia, Tom Collister aka DJ Moonmonkey has been sending party creatures swinging from the branches at festivals, parties and clubs across the UK and Europe for over fifteen years. Moonmonkey brings the party every time, dishing out his inimitably cheeky homebrew of Funk, Soul, Beats, Jungle, Rock n Roll, Hip-Hop and Reggae.  Glastonbury, Shambala, intimate Parisian bars, the Barcelona Anti Sonar and numerous forests and hills across the UK – they’ve all had a taste of the monkey magic! Has record box, will travel.



Chiv: noun (slang). Knife or prison blade. Musically, though, a village idiot, never sure if he’s telling it true or meowing up the wrong shrub. As likely to sing about blind escapism, fruit, turmoil, or chronic loss of tupperware.

(DJ) Chiv: playfully trainwrecking and discordially crashing the classics you hate to love, or simply smashing dark delinquent dancefloor filth but trying, at least, to have fun with a sly, cheeky, Erisian nod.



James Lightfoot is an electronica/dance/drum&bass artist based in North West England. He often goes under the alias of ‘TNJX’ and ‘Deep Technology’. His latest album features the high-flying sounds of old alongside more mystical explorations, ‘Exo Crystallis’ is a adventure through melody and magic

TNJX have made hyper-melodic technicolour tunes to lift the spirit since 2005.

Check out for more info.



It’s Friday night at Festival 23 and we are about to enter those Dog Days as we slip into July 23rd, following signals, frolicking through the cosmos to reach the Dogstar itself, Sirius. 3EYE DJS Anie Ujiik and Dolly Dollycore will join forces with Puwaban master Horton Jupiter in a flash dimensional blast of sparking sky spook spectaculars and mind-splitting SPAAAAAAACE music. Plus interventions, obstacles and surprises hosted by our own Verity Spott.


3EYE emerged from the Brighton underground a year ago, with light-hearted focus on the best, queer, strange and cosmic end of party music through time and space. We like a good rough and tumble too and take joy in creating parties which are inclusive, playful and energised. Everyone’s Welcome, No Dicks.

Greg Wilson

Greg began DJing in 1975 and is regarded as one of the most important figures on the UK dance scene. He enjoyed hugely popular residencies in the early eighties at Wigan Pier and Manchester’s majorly influential Legend, having originally started out in his hometown of New Brighton. He was a pioneer of mixing in the UK and in 1983 he became the first ‘dance music’ specialist hired for a regular weekly session at Manchester’s now legendary Haçienda club. Greg was instrumental in breaking the new electronic, post-disco records coming out of New York, a sound he has dubbed ‘Electro-Funk’.

Not only is Greg bringing his Super Weird Substance collaboration with Kermit Leveridge to Festival 23, he’ll also be DJing for us on Saturday night on the Main Stage. Not to be missed.

Horton Jupiter

Horton Jupiter is a British DJ / Collector of records of broad range, predominantly disco / dance music in its all forms, with psychedelic spectacles.

He has been making mixtapes since age 9, and did his first tape edit (of The Human League) 2 yrs later, 30 years before he’d even HEARD of DJ Harvey or Tom Moulton!

After 10 years as a techno DJ (sort of, his penchant for dropping The Stooges at 3am aside), 4 years as one of the original Club Kosmische residents and 11 years as front idiot of Erisian pop outfit They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, he is currently involved in several different hues of discotheque, including London’s freakiest and funnest dance party PUWABA, and has several new solo records coming out in the near future on Kinfolk, Bahnsteig 23 and Puwaba itself.

Horton will be teaming up with LISA LOVEBUCKET, and not for the 1st time back in the nineties they ran the Legendary Hail Discordia parties, to bring the incredible, not to be missed, Chapel Perilous experience… more on that next week.

Not content with all that, Horton will be playing with his Brighton Cosmic Disco fiends 3EYE at a special TBA Spaaaaace related shindig.

Richard Norris

Where to start with the diverse talents of Richard Norris? So intricately woven into the last 36 years of music – from bands to music journalism, production to DJ-ing, it seems there’s nothing Mr Norris has not expertly added as strings to his bow, or that he can’t pull out of his Wizards Sleeve, so to speak.

His major musical projects include early 90’s electronic act The Grid, his current collaboration with Erol AlkanBeyond the Wizards Sleeve, his new collaboration with Martin Dubka – Circle Sky
and Richard’s previous psychedelic solo project – The Time and Space Machine.

But what does 23 mean to him? Richard told us: “It was around 1987, I was first aware of the 23 enigma by leafing through William Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson books I found in Compendium bookshop in Camden, followed by a more hands on approach when working with Genesis P.Orridge, specifically co producing the ‘Jack The Tab’ album.”

Richard will be delighting our ears and minds and giving us ample chance to jack to his beats at Festival 23. See you on the dance floor…

Super Weird Substance

Super Weird Substance is the multi-media label founded by legendary DJ Greg Wilson, releasing a swathe of balearicpsychedelicdubdisco recordings in 2015 whilst hosting live sixties styled ‘Happenings’ that include talks, art, bands and DJs.

Informed by the past but by no means trapped there, the idea behind Super Weird Substance is to help reclaim the culture and reintroduce some forgotten ideas back into public consciousness with uplifting and accessible music, with a depth seldom seen in the charts today.

The label’s eight singles were all released within a four month span from June to November 2015, Super Weird Substance setting out its stall ahead of album projects in 2016 with Blind Arcade and The Reynolds, as well as a series of Super Weird Happenings, building on the success of a memorable Festival No.6 showcase in Portmeirion last year.

The Super Weird Substance crew will be headlining our Saturday night, having amassed a posse of crack musicians and singers fronted by the manic magic of Kermit Leveridge (Black Grape) and including such luminaries as The Reverend Cleve Freckleton. All of this topped off with a Super Weird DJ set from Greg. And don’t expect the magick to stop there, keep your third eye peeled for campfire cleve-rness into the early hours…

Greg Wilson presents Super Weird Substance