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Cosmic Trigger Cabaret

We are so Very Freakin’ Happy that the very people who inspired and stirred up our 12 years of comfortable Discordianism by putting on a Play and Conferestival in November 2014 will be a High Light at our festival!

Cast and crew from the ‘Cosmic Trigger Play’ and ‘Find the Others Conferestival’ will be holding space on Sunday evening, to bring you a cosmic cabaret that will seriously fuck some minds. They will be delivering a medley of snippets from the play, poetry, cabaret acts and music, to whet the appetite of any true Discordian. Get ready to put some rainbow knickers on your heads to greet Eris: she’s already been invited!

More information to come soon, with individual biogs and all, but for now.. get excited… get VERY excited!

Lisa Lovebucket

Lisa Lovebucket

Lisa Lovebucket is Chair of the Teesside Literary Society, Gatekeeper of Chapel Perilous, Editor of Teesside University’s Creative Writing Blog and Founder of the Church United in the Name of Thinking.

Her short play ‘Sister of Mercy’ was performed at the Crossing the Tees Literary Festival in June this year, her first dalliance with scripting skills since she adapted part of Philip K Dick’s Divine Invasion for the stage (performed at the Horse Hospital, 2006). She quizmastered her interactive Game of Fnords ‘23’ at Frightened, Glastonbury and Passing Clouds (for the Cosmic Trigger crowdfunding appeal).

She used to suspect you could change the world by surreptitiously beaming KLF videos out from Alexandra Palace; these days she thinks that the Tees Transporter Bridge may be the focal point. She has been writing, designing and producing unnerving, bizarre and confounding publications since she was 23.

She has played a cybernetic alien in a Doctor Who play (with Ken Campbell from beyond the grave); a ‘hippie with nothing to contribute to society’ in MI23; and a born mystic with clairvoyant abilities in The Warp. She co-founded Subliminal Revolutions in London 23 years ago, spending months of her life helping to organise their infamous allnighter ‘All Hail Discordia’ in 1995, before getting too whacked on the night and missing the entire event. (She may still have DJed.)

The Buddhist Punk aka Lord Fnord XXIII

Buddhist Punk

Tim Holmes is a walking talking contradiction; my goddess can he talk. He’s also a poet, for the last seventeen years he’s travelled in the guise of the Buddhist Punk. Having produced a one man show: The Sub Verse Meditations of a Buddhist Punk, performed at literary & music festivals (Off the Shelf, Ledbury, Shambala, Wychwood) and opened for artists such as American polit punks Anti Flag and the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, his preferred approach is now guerrilla performance; unsolicited renditions to unsuspecting audiences, outside the party, ideally by the fireside.

Newton’s First Law of Poetry

As gravity takes hold once more
And every action reacts with its equal and opposite number
I awake from my slumber and type
That which is captive attempts to break free
That which is free I attempt to capture on the page
From then to now. The why? The how?
And every thing has an equal and opposite everything
A body will remain still unless acted upon by an external force
Or of course, an internal force
My art beats
I ‘m moved from within
I’ve destroyed a blank page
And created a work of heart.