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Retinal Circus

Retinal Circus

RETINAL CIRCUS – Bored with all of these run o’ the mill la­de­bloomin­da songs about girls and relationships? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Retinal Circus only deal with shapes, platonic relationships with time keeping devices, Spaniards with fantastic ‘taches, seahorses suspended in the vacuum of space, nebulae, fellers chomping faces on bath salts, and an analysis of the human race with the conclusion we are all APES! Joined by string player Maya Brown on this occasion, Retinal Cricus is a varied psych folk experience with nods to medieval cadence and off kilter crowd banter.

Private Sector

THE PRIVATE SECTOR – When the game appears rigged you need a new set of rules.

The net product of three prolific multi­media artists, The Private Sector is driven by the dark shadow of British society. As our deepest hopes for humanity have been chewed up and spat in our faces by the global powers, this work takes that mealy phlegm and uses it as lube.

The Private Sector are:
• Tim Leopard (Warrior­Magician, Satan, Vocals)
• Sam Hewitt (Lover­Magician, Lucifer, Sound)
• Eric Drass (King­Magician, Jehova, Visuals)

Planet 9

Planet 9 is the latest collaboration between Jo Sims (formerly of Dorothy’s Ghost) and Tommy Tuff (Staxx and Rudeboy & Rascal). The band will be showcasing original songs from their forthcoming album ‘Studio Dub Box’, which covers a myriad of musical styles from heartfelt ballads to dub, funk and disco.

You can hear more here:

Elephant Disco

A whole new genre in the making, Elephant Disco are forging forward mashing up Electronica, Afro Caribbean and African influences to create a dance floor stomping groove that will infect every one that hears it.

Having played a plethora of intimate gigs and club nights where every one in attendance shook their booty, Elephant Disco are ripe for the picking if you are looking to get your party crowd jumping with their trunks in the air like they just don’t care.



Chiv: noun (slang). Knife or prison blade. Musically, though, a village idiot, never sure if he’s telling it true or meowing up the wrong shrub. As likely to sing about blind escapism, fruit, turmoil, or chronic loss of tupperware.

(DJ) Chiv: playfully trainwrecking and discordially crashing the classics you hate to love, or simply smashing dark delinquent dancefloor filth but trying, at least, to have fun with a sly, cheeky, Erisian nod.

The Loveburns


Spawned from space, microbes sprayed to earth from starry dark unfathomed. An instant of light , brutally consumed void, thus appeared the Loveburns, particular, obeying rules man was not meant to know. Flesh and blood evolved, proof spectacular re animation is possible. shelley be praised. Soul sonic justice. Channelled live and direct to all our flesh.  Such gloried radiation bathes our brains in the saints of vibration, basie ellington davis all manner of devo velvet strangled ants disco configured for arse shakery, play that funky music till you die.

See a track from their live session at Clark Kent’s Rock & Roll Revue here:

Space Blaster

Space Blaster

Space Blaster is the musical alias of brothers Jamie (23) and Tom Grashion (26), practicing and playing together for well over a decade and both with years of engineering experience for top UK producers, the duo have a honed in vision and ear for live rock music. Inspired by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, The Dead Weather and Royal Blood, Space Blaster take you on a journey through their unique blend of heavy blues riffs, ear licking hooks and razor sharp synths over a sea of thundering rhythms. Having headlined well established London venues such as Camden’s Barfly and Dublin Castle and the years of hard graft already worked on the music scene supporting Killing Joke, playing Glastonbury, Heaven, The Fleece, Clapham Grand etc. Space Blaster are looking to up the anti on the live circuit.

Paulie C

Paulie C

Paulie C is an enthusiastic participant in the utterly inexplicable experiment whereupon matter really attempts to know itself. He has been writing poetry for the majority of his 38 years and gibbers it infrequently to anyone who cares to listen. His influences include Philip K Dick, woozy psychedelia, the sneezing panda video and various beatnik types.​

Human Robber

Human Robber

Human Robber (aka Brother Gush, Frater Null, Uncle Big Balls, Pope Margaret Minge XXIII etc) is a 53 year old work in progress………word mangler, wand maker, definite wizard or warlock but unsure witch. Former teacher he now attempts to explain this humans condition via the medium of poems, silly songs and impossibly true stories…..rumoured to actually be an alien from the star system sirius c……maybe….

In telling gents their agency..MI5, MI6 MI joking?

Now we hide in the open
Pop-up black ops
Immutable shogun
Mutated cyclops
Intelligence agents
Semiotic transhuman
Cast by dice that
know not who threw them.

The Gasman

The Gasman

Portsmouth resident Christopher Reeves is the man behind the eerie, playful electronica of the Gasman. A teenage fan of breakbeat rave music, early Aphex Twin, and the output of the Rephlex label, Reeves began creating music using a programmable Yamaha keyboard as well as samples from records, tapes, and the radio. Some of his music was built from reel-to-reel tapes of classical music run through a computer. In 1998, he began using programs Soundforge and Acid to create tracks. Gradually, he developed a style which blended sophisticated, Baroque-influenced melodies with chopped-up breakbeats, all covered in an ethereal, glowing echo.

Since then, he has released material on Planet Mu, Sublight Records, Terminal Dusk, Warp, The Centrifuge and Believers Roast as well as his own GasmanMusic, with his most recent album, 2016’s Aeriform, being released on Onomatopoeia. He has a number of other alter-egos including Synthia, Wiggy, and Meatman.

The Gasman will be bringing a show reel of his brain wobbling videos for your late night delectation. Such as the video to Museum from 2014’s Hiding Place #2:

Read more about The Gasman on his website:
Listen and buy Gasman music at